The Two-Faced Call (vargatron) wrote,
The Two-Faced Call

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No wonder life looks better through the bottom of a glass.

Fun with fucking morons. 2 sees Shrek 2 and thinks Donkey-as-Stallion is hot; this makes him responsible for everything wrong with the fandom. Or something. I wasn't going to get involved at first so my contribution is minor and towards the end. Still, either that's some of my better material or a reason to never participate in flame wars while drunk again.

Apparently, five days isn't enough to do it. Hm. There's one more thing I don't have to worry about.

It is too fucking hot for this shit. This room is killing me. Even ice-cold Stoli isn't helping. I'm gone.

~ Drakkon
NP: Skyclad - Quantity Time
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