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Diary of a Drug Fiend

I am a victory.

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The Two-Faced Call
11 December
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-i-, 2 the ranting gryphon, 55, a big fucking lizard, accept, adrian smith, annihilator, arcturus, arizona bay, being an utter geek, bill hicks, biology, blowing shit up, boondock saints, booze-fu, bruce dickinson, carl wagner = fag, classic rock, cocaine, conrad mengele, dancing with mr. brownstone, dave mustaine, dead kennedys, dean koontz, death angel, destroy mass media, dinosaurs, doonesbury, drinking, drugs, euronymous lives, even jesus hates creed, exquisite corpse, feed vegetarians to wolves, film, flem, flem comics, ftm, fuck rob loudnet, furry, furrymuck, george carlin, guitar, guitars, heiling billy milano, herding kittens, iced earth, in flames, iron maiden, jack, kompressor, laq, legalize, medicine, megadeth, metal, metalcore, metallica sucks, motley crue, movies, mp3s, mtllegion, muscle cars, music, my interests scare you, nature, nerdcore hiphop, netmonster, new model army, operation enduring shut up, opeth, oral tradition, people, pharmacology, philosophy, psychology, punk, rant in e-minor, reptiles, roleplaying, san francisco metal, sanctuary, sarcasm, sharks, skyclad, slade the leveller, slanguage, sociopolitical ramifications, something positive, soul eating, standup comedy, surf music, surfing, surrealist games, the art of invective, the axis of homo, the comedy of hate, the far side, the skiing undead, the you're wrong society, therianthropy, therion, thrash metal, thunderstorms, too drunk to fuck, tramadol, voltaire, white wolf, wit, you tell me, you're wrong night, your favorite band sucks, zombie stormtroopers

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