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Because sharing is caring, and I can't sleep.

Illness for no reason can fucking die.

Hopefully quickly, so I can start eating again.

The most obnoxious sensation is the world is simultaneous hungry-snarling and vomit-nausea.

Dear Stomach,

Make up your fucking mind, you Friday-manufactured bargain-bin waste of muscle and acid. If you want food, glad to oblige. If you don't, I'm sure we'll live provided you don't do this for more than two or three weeks. You've already counted off four days, fucker. Four days in which you wouldn't even let us comfortably consume one of those fucking soup-in-a-cup things, a MISO SOUP variety. The most non-threatning food in existance. It was water and buillion and salt. If even the buillion or salt. But you WRITHED through that, and I had to swallow, hard, to keep you from ejecting it violently in an inconvenient manner. Yet even now you're growling irritably at me, as though this is somehow my fault. You stupid shit.


Oh, and a close runner up is feeling too hot and too cold simultaneously and yet not running any variety of fever. What the fuck. I could understand if, y'know, we'd accidentally contracted salmonella from the lizard and everything was sort of on fire at 102 or whatever, but if my internal temperature is 96.4, like it always is, I should NOT be sweating and shivering simultaneously. That ISN'T FUNNY. STOP IT.

~ Drakkon
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