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I know, Captain, that you've done this work before.

NP: Iron Maiden - The Edge of Darkness

I'm nowhere near done, like, at all, but here's a shrunken preview of Winter's Grief's painting-thing. I'm not sure how I'm going to properly display the final, because it's Decently Girthy (~1000x~800), and I'm making it large for a reason, so I can do details I usually skim over (but I'm also deliberately avoiding total realism, unlike usual), but my one image host, Photobucket, shrinks images it thinks are too big and makes them look shitasmical, and the other one, Villagephotos, has a daily bandwidth limit that's way too small for more than a few people to see the full-size image even as a sketch, as was shown earlier. Might just victimise deviantART and post links instead of inserting the images directly. Either way, though...

Also -- I can't sleep, I'm feeling cheerful, so I'm getting on AIM, I think. I know I said it'd be another couple weeks, but I feel pretty all right, if sort of sleepy, and I'm in the mood for some gaming if possible. Hey Wraith, Ceej, or anyone really, want to RP (if either/any of you are around)?

Also, after this, I think I'm going to revive one of my pet projects from a few years ago... drawing, writing, and roleplaying Pokemon as they damn well should have been done -- real MONSTERS fighting real battles with real blood, NC-17-rated fun. No kiddie bullshit allowed. It's fun!!

Okay, to AIM with me. I just noticed the time, though, so maybe I'll only peek on and then wander... but I'm getting the itch.

Heh, I'd post an app queue, but the only ones I can think of that I'm really planning on are Leandros and Sachairi for Mirrors, as Rookwood and Saxon are already there. I've got other ideas stewing (like the werewolf-killing werewolf of confused doom), but I'm going to let them ferment a bit longer before I even give them the dignity of Real App Status.

Man, next to the rest of you, I feel fucking impotent. ;p

Either way -- zoom! (No, I am not on speed.)

~ Drakkon
NP: Seikima-II - Sukiandorasu na Kizuna
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I am still, verymuch, liking his head. It's pretty and snarly. I really like his teeth and gums. x.X; I'm also liking how his fur's coming out, particularly his tail. I'm not so sure about the thing on his shoulder, 'though. I've kinda forgotten what it was (I'm pretty sure you've explained it sometime before.. but..)The redlines don't really look connected to him at all..
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