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So. Good news, and bad news.

Good news: With much help, gum-and-duct-taped the drivers out of brokenness, so I officially have Internet again.

Bad news: While I was off doing said things, my mouse inexplicably died for no reason. Granted, the little fucker's been clinging to life through sheer stubborn refusal to die for at least two years now, but it's sort of odd that it gave up without any trigger. It's like it just got tired of life. Poor little dead thing.

I'm actually making this update via Mamono, because I have madd enough kybard skillz to alt-tab and F5 my way at least this far through the Internet. But it seems like no one in the house has a spare, so I need to acquire a new one. Which may or may not take some time. Especially given the driving test debacle. Sigh.

I intend to steal Mom's computer more often to make up for this, but regardless, I'm going to be AWOL for a while longer.

On the plus side, I've successfully put down the looming threat of an opioid habit with lots and lots of speed. Why the fuck didn't I think of that before? I love speed -- it's useful, but it kicks your ass. You have to be really determined to get any sort of 'habit'. I am lazy.

Note to self: poppies do not like clay. Nor deserts. And two runty specimens does not qualify as a 'crop'. Especially when they decide to flower once apiece and promptly die. I think Mother Nature is giving me the V.

On the plus side, the morning glories are happy. Mom insists they need to go in the ground. I am convinced that going outside will have the same effect on them as a microwave does ants.

I am going to go back to San Francisco for a bit. And do a lot of art. And guitar. And speed. And maybe a graphic novel with Miss Hell. She still has to talk me into it. And give me something to actually do.

For some odd reason I've been working a lot on that Stained RPG I wrote up like two years ago or more and then never did much with. I'm half-tempted to actually try and do something with it, if only because I've been writing all sorts of shit in my little 'stained_rpg.txt' file, but...

Well, fuck. You people know me. I can't even successfully grow a plant without help. Actually going for that thing would be the ultimate triumph of hope over experience.

Doesn't help that a lot of the new material was written Under the Influence, and hence swings between pretentiousness (which I wasn't aware I was capable of before now) and incomprehensibility, so I'm hesitant to even show anyone. I tried to make an image for the reader and it turned into a broken-glass mosaic done by Jackson Pollock wearing a foil-wrapped colander. Much like that last metaphor. Actually, I think this whole post is a perfect example of why nothing I write on speed should be read by anyone, ever.

There's new stuff on deviantART. Nothing really interesting as usual, but some of you are insane and like my shit, so I'm letting you know. Bah.

I'm now debating whether I should post that guide-thing, except beyond all the cons noted above, it's getting to be a damned behemoth. I'm not sure it'll fit in a single post. And frankly, no one cares. So I won't. Enough from me.


~ Drakkon
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