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It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no senator's son

Just a brief update for you all.

First, in the process of routine maintenance and streamlining, we somehow managed to bollocks the wireless drivers on Mamono. Therefore, I won't be able to be until I get that fixed, and so far I'm not having much luck. It might take a bit... right now I'm just borrowing Mom's so I can do this. Deepest apologies to Sirius... love you anyway, buddy. Congrats on the aging.

Also, for those who may be thinking of calling me this weekend, don't, as I'm once again going off in search of werewolves and speed. I called Sparrow 13 and FastWolf earlier this evening and FastWolf invited me down there, and who am I to decline? Especially when I'm not getting anything done here anyhow. They have nifty Internet, though, so while they bounce around I'll probably sneak on for a bit. So there's that.

Der Warmachine is in good shape, otherwise, as am I. Love to you all, I'll be back soon. And I'll probably have some nifty art to share when I get home and get everything working...

~ Drakkon
NP: Creedence Clearwater Revival - Vietnam War Song
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