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NP: Iron Maiden - Run Silent Run Deep

Nothing much to say at the moment... just a couple things really.

I don't know where the fuck these ideas come from. It started with a concept I was just musing (non-useless Animagus Death Eater + listening to this and The Assassin too much) and the fucker just GREW. He's a bundle of fun concepts that just wouldn't get accepted into any game on the known planet, at least not one that's got the right mood and is also worth playing in. Better suited for fanfic probably than gameage, except I don't write fanfic, not really. Damn it. And now he's sitting in my brain and won't leave. What's with me and collecting crazy killers lately? Am I just sociopath flypaper or what?

Sigh. Notes taken down about Avery, just so I don't lose 'em. I'm not even going to bother trying apping him anywhere because he's got too many of my favorite things to play with in one place (even if he is dumb as a fucking post and doesn't have the grace to know it) but I might be able to use some of these concepts somewhere else provided I don't forget.

Although it occurs to me that by his nature he could be a HIGHLY amusing foil for Lee. I hadn't thought of that before. If I ever write anything, maybe...

Ethan Ulric Avery
Dog Animagus
Pseudo-Darwinist; believes strongly in (rather twisted versions of) natural laws of kill-or-be-killed, survival of the fittest, et cetera -- very much into the 'red in tooth and claw' idea. Fanatically loyal to Voldemort (the 'ultimate alpha' so to speak although he doesn't conciously think of him that way) -- provided he's around to enforce his authority. very eager to please, often too eager and not always the brightest of people. Loves to assert his own superiority by killing those 'weaker' than him (those he's capable of killing, naturally). Respects only those that he believes can kill him, and practically worships those he believes he can't kill (such as Voldemort). At least, to their faces. Somewhere beneath his grovelling servility, he plots and schemes to overtake everyone, become the ultimate, but only when alone and thus fully confident of himself. When anyone he perceives as dangerous asserts themselves in his presence, he submits without much fuss. At least until they show weakness. Prefers to kill in his rather feral dog form. One of his specialties is making his kills look like werewolf maulings; therefore, unless he is specifically ordered otherwise, he will always stalk his assigned (and chosen) victims for weeks, remaining unseen, then make his attack on the full moon, preferably in an area frequented by a known werewolf so the hapless wolf takes the blame for his savagery. Because he attacks in a canine form, only someone who really takes the time to investigate the evidence in detail will notice the difference between Avery's strikes and a true werewolf mauling -- and frankly, partly due to anti-werewolf prejudice, few bother. The only times he forwent this camoflauge are when directly ordered to. Ironically, given his mental 'food chain' (Muggles and animals <---- wizards in general <---- Purebloods) he finds killing directly with a wand (that is, via curses and such) decidedly less than satisfying and almost unnatural. Killing has always been done with tooth and claw, bare fists and raw brutality, so who is Avery to argue with tradition?

At the end of the First War, Avery saw what he thought was the unkillable killed -- so hastily, he showed his belly to the victorious side and slunk away, nursing regrets at what seemed like the end of a very good era, but not without a sense of relief -- now the field was open. He'd just have to bide his time, figure out a way to do things on his own. He wasn't able to continue his accustomed pattern of 'righteously-dealt' death, but every now and then on the full moon, he'd find himself unable to resist. He played innocent otherwise, looking the part of a respectable Pureblood son, working a respectable job and doing respectable things (not counting little trips outside now and then *cough*). But of course, as soon as Voldemort showed up again, he wasted no time worming right back where he was before. Dignity? Shame? What? Huh?

Avery, regardless of his breeding, is essentially a thug. He's not particularly smart, though he's cunning enough to keep alive and free, if only just. He has, as mentioned above, no dignity, no shame, and very little else that he's not willing to sacrifice in order to stay alive and more or less free. He sees absolutely wrong with what Voldemort or the majority of his fellow Death Eaters do, although he both respects and resents the ones he feels are either more powerful, more favored, or both. That goes for rather a lot of them.

I slept like shit yesterday. Keep having weird fucking dreams, including one in which Saxon featured, albeit very briefly. That was god damned odd.

Oh yeah, and one thing to scream about:'courtney+love'

The count to which she pleaded involved cocaine and other opiates found in her system.



If you're going to report specifics, get it at least SOMEWHAT fucking right? PLEASE?

That just made me want to yell for a few seconds. All done.

And that's it for now. Blaah.

I need to get to Berkeley, for more than one reason.

I have 18 bucks to my name. Woo.

~ Drakkon
NP: Megadeth - 99 Ways to Die
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