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Hey-ho, my lad! Ho-ho, my lad!

Man. I'm on a total trip. One of the very few things I associate with My Childhood just came on TV and I got to sit down and watch it...

Yes, that animated version of The Hobbit from 1977. That was my favorite fucking movie for SO damn long.

I think it's high time I did something in tribute to that.


If anyone has any of the music from either that movie or Return of the King by the same people, please tell me where to get it? It's all stuck in my head now. Graah!

~ Drakkon
NP: That goblin song from the movie, stuck in my head.
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Wow, I remember that old movie, its been forever since the last time I saw it too. Of course "The Hobbit" has to rank high among my favorite books of all time, even above Tolkien's other books. It was the first of Tolkien's books I was ever exposed to and somehow all the rest just seem to pale in comparison. Okay, so it's just my own opinion, but still I think it's a great book.

Rankin-Bass did some pretty good work, too which I think still stands up as being pretty strong even in the midst of all of the high tech stuff they use now. But then I have a bit of a soft spot for the older stuff.
"The Hobbit" was the first real book I read. I learned how to read to that book.
Y'wanna know what *I* want to hear right now?? The Lord of the Rhymes. Hmm... they have a website, don't they...