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Well, who asked you, anyway?

NP: Megadeth - Hook in Mouth

Well, shit.

Someone do me a favor?

This is a favor for you too. Trust me.

That is a link to a particular post in the Dave Speaks section of the official Megadeth message board. If you're not a member, it won't let you view it; make an account real quick and go for it.

In it, he posts a link to a download.php function that leads to... a new Megadeth song.

Yeah, you read that correctly.

There's also a clip from another song on the front page.

I do not believe I need to elaborate further on the Why, here.

Now... apparently, that download.php link works for everyone else who cruises the forums, because there's a big thread about the song. However, maybe I'm a few days too late or something, but it's coming up broken for me.

If someone here can get the fucker to download (and gods know I can think of several people who're going to try just on the possibility), pass it on to me. Anyone. Seriously.

Dude, Mike, you were right. I wish Pete had fucking elaborated when he IMed me that other day. I can't find an official notice of reformation or anything but apparently the man is doing something, and it involves Chris Poland at very least, if not other familiar faces.

And even if you can't get that PHP to work, pop to the front page and listen to the clip. I don't care what your fucking connection is like, click the fucking banner. Even if I weren't a 'deth fan, that's some eyebrow-lifting riffage there. Sounds like somebody made a pretty decent recovery.

I still feel like I'm going to throw up, like I have all day, but it's in a good way now. I didn't know that was possible, but apparently, it is.


~ Drakkon
NP: Megadeth - Black Friday
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